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Dawn, a stage four cancer patient from California took 30 sessions on the Quantum Life Device, and went from limited social activities and needing help getting around to back driving her own car. She writes, “Quality of life increased with the machine. Thank you!”

Three months ago, I started assisting a gentleman who was stage 4 bone cancer, who started doing Quantum Life Rife treatments and change of food and other natural products. His wife is a retired nurse but very awake about the risks of chemo. I was with them when he received his blood test results after 90 days. He is Stage 2 now.

Priscilla, a Certified Rife Technologist

“When I first got sick, I began using this machine and after 4 days on it, lots of water and continously detox, the worst of that virus was gone.”


Good News from a Luke 10 missionary using the Quantum Life Device:

“Aside from myself, I’ve had at least 2 specific clients with cancer (one was stage 4) who are doing fine and are the only survivors among others who were treating with chemo at the same time. I’ve had success with MS, RA and staph (infections). Others with all kinds of issues that did well. Don’t have time to go over a dozen years of treatments for all kinds of things with success.”

“This organization provided a [Quantum Life Device] medical device to our church in Compton California. May God continue to bless this wonderful healing ministry.”

It’s not just useful for people. Here’s what a veterinarian says after just two 20-minute sessions treating a puppy with Canine Parvovirus:

“Puppy doing great today. Happy and healthy and eating. Sending home tonight. Thank you for all your help.”

Jeffrey Ohm, DVM

My name is Ginger Storm, and I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that affects my small intestine. The doctors gave me three weeks to live in September 2020. My friend came up to be with me and to help me apply for disability and to plan my funeral as the oncologist was not very optimistic. I was referred to a specialist and saw him a week later. That was considered a good visit as he had a chemo pill that might give me up to a year if I tolerated the chemo. Fortunately, I was able to tolerate the chemo for well over a year. Finally, it began to not work effectively. I was changed to another chemo drug which I started. My friend ran across a machine that will kill cancer cells and she bought one for me to use. I have used the RIFE machine every other day for 40 minutes and my scans have not gotten any worse and in some areas, there has been improvement. I truly believe that the RIFE machine is helping me extend my life and has given me a better quality of life although I still take chemo in conjunction with the RIFE machine.

I think I have astonished myself as well as all of my doctors that are surprised that I am still alive, and I am doing Pilates for exercise. Obviously, I have some side effects like white hair and a bulge where the cancer is, but I have hope, I have so much faith, I have a positive attitude and I know that all of those things help keep me going. At least I am still alive and it’s almost 4 years since my original diagnosis. None of my family or loved ones expected me to last this long and neither did I but I strongly feel that God still has work for me to do here on earth which is why I am here to tell you about this wonderful machine.

I give a great deal of credit to President Trump as he signed the bill for the right to try different things other than Big Pharma.

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to use the RIFE machine and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has a cancer diagnosis. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

Dr. John has been very helpful whenever I have any questions. I appreciate that and if you cannot afford to purchase a machine ask him for other options. But if you can afford the machine, remember it will not cause you any harm and can only help you.

I hope this has been helpful information.

Ginger Storm, La Grande, Oregon

My name is Jim Bigby and I live in Turlock, California. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago and went through chemo and radiation to treat it. I got a clean bill of health at the end of treatment but had to go back for testing every 6 months. Life was good for three or four years and the cancer returned two years ago. My wife sent one of my very good friends and ex-employee an email telling her about my recent diagnosis. Chris said she knew where she could get me a RIFE machine and she ordered one for me to use.

I started using the RIFE machine and I was also taking Chemo at the same time. But eventually the doctors had to take me off the chemo because I was having too many bad side effects. I stopped chemo but continued to use the RIFE machine every three days for 45 minutes. Each month I go in for blood work to see how my numbers are doing. Last month they were at .31 which is significantly lower than when I started the RIFE machine. I will get blood work done in another 30 days and pray that the numbers will be lower still until they get to where the doctors want them to be, and the cancer is under control.

I believe with all my heart that the RIFE machine has helped me. For one thing it has given me an alternative to chemo and a natural way to kill the cancer cells. I have been able to build up some strength and even been able to enjoy a fishing trip with my sons. This is something I did not think I would be able to do again. So, as far as l am concerned this machine mas given me HOPE and I have God in my life, and I am a very positive thinker and I have huge support from my family and friends. So, RIFE has truly improved the quality of my life and I am no longer fearful of my blood work but look forward to the results as they have gone down consistently since starting using the RIFE.

I would strongly recommend this machine to anyone who has cancer as it does work.

Jim Bigby

My name is Samatha Green and I live in Caldwell, Idaho. I had a growth on my neck that was hurting and growing I felt rather rapidly. My mom has a friend that lives in Meridian Idaho who had a RIFE machine and her husband brought it to our house and showed me how to use it. They told me to keep it if I needed it. I did my research as did my mom and we decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I am only 26 and I knew if I went through chemo and radiation that I would never be able to have children, so I prayed a lot, and had a super positive attitude. That is just the way I am normally. So, I started using the machine and the doctors kept postponing my biopsy for over two months. I was so irritated because of how quickly it was growing. I was wearing clothing with collars so people could not see it. I would say it was golf ball size when I started using the RIFE machine. I used it every three days for 45 minutes and was really noticing after 4 weeks the lump on my neck was getting smaller. I was so excited and yet still had another month to wait for my biopsy.

Finally, I went in for the biopsy and by then you could barely see that it was even there. The results of the biopsy were that the tumor was benign. Best news I have ever received.

I am so grateful or having been given the use of the RIFE machine and I totally believe in my heart and soul that without the use of the RIFE machine the results would not have been good. So, I am a strong believer in the RIFE machine and would recommend it to anyone that has a cancer diagnosis or a potential for cancer.

Thank you so much to my friends for making it their ministry to help people with cancer.

God Bless the inventors and the manufacturers of the RIFE machine and making it available to the public.

Samatha Green