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Dawn, a stage four cancer patient from California took 30 sessions on the Quantum Life Device, and went from limited social activities and needing help getting around to back driving her own car. She writes, “Quality of life increased with the machine. Thank you!”

Three months ago, I started assisting a gentleman who was stage 4 bone cancer, who started doing Quantum Life Rife treatments and change of food and other natural products. His wife is a retired nurse but very awake about the risks of chemo. I was with them when he received his blood test results after 90 days. He is Stage 2 now.

Priscilla, a Certified Rife Technologist

“When I first got sick, I began using this machine and after 4 days on it, lots of water and continously detox, the worst of that virus was gone.”


Good News from a Luke 10 missionary using the Quantum Life Device:

“Aside from myself, I’ve had at least 2 specific clients with cancer (one was stage 4) who are doing fine and are the only survivors among others who were treating with chemo at the same time. I’ve had success with MS, RA and staph (infections). Others with all kinds of issues that did well. Don’t have time to go over a dozen years of treatments for all kinds of things with success.”

“This organization provided a [Quantum Life Device] medical device to our church in Compton California. May God continue to bless this wonderful healing ministry.”

It’s not just useful for people. Here’s what a veterinarian says after just two 20-minute sessions treating a puppy with Canine Parvovirus:

“Puppy doing great today. Happy and healthy and eating. Sending home tonight. Thank you for all your help.”

Jeffrey Ohm, DVM