Dear Doctor,

Do You See Parvo Cases?

Dramatically Reduce Parvo Treatment time with Parvo-Blaster!

“Parvo-Blaster!” is the new, electronic solution to your Parvo infected puppies. Wouldn’t it be GREAT to get that sick puppy back to its loving owner in RECORD time?! The recommended treatment time is two days with the “ParvoBlaster!”

Here’s what your colleague says after just two 20 minute sessions on the “Parvo-Blaster!”:

“Puppy doing great today. Happy and healthy and eating. Sending home tonight. Thank you for all your help.”

Jeffrey Ohm, DVM

Contact Dr. John Conca for more information about the “Parvo-Blaster!” Call 208-702-2051 or CLICK HERE to send an email.

“Parvo-Blaster!” Reduces Parvo Treatment Time